The Nidek EC-5000 Excimer Laser utilizes a unique scanning slit technology, which ensures precise reshaping of the cornea by linearly scanning the cornea surface with 10 overlapping pulses. After one scan, the next scan is rotated 60 degrees and this rotation continues until the entire surface of the cornea has been covered, resulting in a smoother corneal surface. The laser's Eye Tracker allows for pinpoint accuracy in the delivery of the laser beams to more precisely reshape the eye.

OPD - Scan

The OPD - Scan accurately measures higher order aberrations because it utilizes 1440 points of infrared light, capturing many more data points than Hartmann-Shack aberrometers (approximately 200 points of visible light). The NIDEK OPD - Scan does a wave front analysis in addition to providing 6840 data points on corneal topography and refractive data with the advantage of collecting all data on the same axis of alignment. The OPD Scan uses over 8000 points to measure the characteristics of your eye - it is more comprehensively maps the eye's optical system. In addition, the rays of light sent into the eye with the Hartmann-Shack aberrometer data points can more easily cross over one another, thus interfering with the accurate measurement of these very subtle higher order aberrations.

YAG Laser

The ophthalmic YAG laser system YC-1600 generates a pulsed Nd: YAG laser by means of the Q-switching method. The YC-1600 allows the safe and bloodless treatment of intraocular lesions on outpatients by mechanical disruption caused by pulsed YAG laser energy. Secondary cataract, iridotomy, which is a treatment for glaucoma, and vitreous traction are major eye treatment techniques applicable to YC-1600.
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