Monthly Activities

October 2018

1st Post-Graduate Course in Nutrition. What we know and we don't know: A Millenial Dilemma

October: 1st Post-Graduate Course in Nutrition

September 2018

Art for a Cause. An Art Exhibit by Cebuano Artists

September: 7th Annual Exhibit

National Epilepsy Awareness Month: Seize the Day! Epilepsy is seizure that is recurrent and unprovoked. It may accompany symptoms of other neurological conditions.

September: National Epilepsy Awareness Month

August 2018

National Lung Month, National Tuberculosis Awareness Month

August: National Lung Month / National Tuberculosis Awareness Month

Healthy Lungs, Happy Life

August: Healthy Lungs, Happy Life

Breastfeeding Foundation of Life

August: Breastfeeding Foundation of Life

March: The Success of Every Woman, Is Great Health.

February: This Heart Month you deserve a little Tender Loving Care

January: Best cancer protection is early detection

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